PRR Survey Designs and Manufactures


H.B. Mölhausen. “Indian Designs & Manufactures.” From Lieutenant Ameil Weeks Whipple’s Explorations and Surveys for a Railroad Route From the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean…Report of Explorations For A Railway Route, Near the Thirty-Fifth Parallel of North Latitude. Volume III. Part III. Report on the Indian Tribes. [1855]. Washington: GPO, 1856. Printed by Beverley Tucker. Tinted lithograph by A. Hoen & Co., T. Sinclair, Sarony & Co., or Sarony, Major & Knapp. Ca. 6 x 9. Very good condition.


The expedition surveying the southern route along the 35th parallel, led by Lieutenant Amiel Weeks Whipple, explored from Little Rock, Arkansas, through Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona, ending up passing through the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles. Besides the standard surveyors and artists, Whipple’s party included astronomers, geologists, naturalists, and botanists, and the report contained excellent sections on various scientific topics and a section on the Indians of the region. The drawings were mostly by Möllhausen, a German artist who traveled extensively around the American West.