PRR Survey Fort Benton, Montana


John Mix Stanley. “Fort Benton.” (Montana).  From Isaac Stevens’ Explorations and Surveys For A Railroad Route From The Mississippi River To The Pacific Ocean…Near The Forty-Seventh And Forty-Ninth Parallels Of North Latitude. Washington: GPO, 1860.  Tinted lithograph by Sarony, Major & Knapp.  6 1/8 x 9 1/4. Very good condition.


An original antique print from one of the U.S. government’s Pacific Railroad Surveys.  The northern survey was commanded by Isaac I. Stevens, who had only just resigned his army commission to become governor of the Washington Territory. It covered the area between the 47th and 49th parallels, between St. Paul, MN and Puget Sound on the Pacific coast. It was the most elaborate of the surveys, with a group of natural scientists, including J.G. Cooper, G. Gibbs, and George Suckley, and making the first use of photography west of the Mississippi. The views for this report were drawn by John Mix Stanley and Gustavus Sohon.  This particular image is by Stanley and it shows one of the earliest Euro-American settlements in the West, Fort Benson being established in 1846.