Richard Evett Bishop [Five Mallards]


Richard Evett Bishop. [Five Mallards]. Etching, approximately 4 x 6. 1961. F324a.

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Richard Evett Bishop (1887-1975), a Philadelphian, was originally trained as an engineer. His first etching was published in 1920 using an old wedding invitation copper plate. Bishop, a consummate artist, did his own sketching, etching, and printing. He also mastered the difficult technique of aquatinting. In 1936, Bishop’s image “Canada Geese” was honored by being selected for the 1936-37 Duck Stamp. This was subsequently made into the first published Duck Stamp print. Bishop specialized in bird studies, and his prints convey the grace of movement and natural beauty of his subjects. Over the years, he would produce an etching to be used as a Christmas card to be sent to his friends. Few of these lovely prints survive.