S. Augustus Mitchell North Carolina 1846


H.S. Tanner. “A New Map of Nth. Carolina with its canals, roads & distances…”  From New Universal Atlas.  Philadelphia: H.N. Burroughs, 1846.  With insets of the “Gold Region” and the area around New Bern with the mouth of the Neuse River. Lithographic transfer from engraved plate.  Full hand color.  11 1/2 x 13 3/4.  Very good condition.

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A fine map of North Carolina based on the mapping of Henry S. Tanner but published by Samuel Augustus Mitchell.  Mitchell  was one of the leading American cartographers of the mid-nineteenth century.  His maps recorded some of the most advanced frontier situations, and even the more settled areas such as the “Old North State” were developing canals, railroads, harbors, and industry–all are depicted here.  The inset of the “Gold Region” shows the area around present-day Charlotte which housed a branch of the U.S. Mint because of the gold mines which are located on the map.  This mint was closed by the Federal government after the War between the States.  The inset showing the region around New Bern reflects interest in the largest harbor in the state, and that situation would change as ships became larger and Wilmington became the more prosperous port due to deeper waters and a major railroad.  The “Table of Distances” shows the distances by steamboat (then the most efficient and comfortable form of travel) between: New Berne and Wilmington, New Berne and Elizabeth City and Elizabeth City and Norfolk, Virginia.  The “Profile of the Dismal Swamp Canal” depicts one of the most ambitious engineering projects in the state.