Sea Chart of mouth of the St. Lawrence and the Grand Banks


J. Nicolas Bellin.  “Carte Réduite des bancs et de l’Île de Terre-Neuve avec les Côtes du Golfe de St. Laurent et de l’Acadie.  Publiée par Ordre du Roi.”  From Hydrographie Francoise.  Paris: Depot General de la Marine, 1784.  23 x 34 1/2.  Engraving.  Original hand color.  Some light staining, but overall very good condition.

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An antique sea chart of the mouth extending from the mouth of St. Lawrence River to the Grand Banks, and including Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  The map was drawn by J. Nicolas Bellin (1703-72), who during his over fifty years of work in the French Hydrographic Service was appointed the first ‘Ingenieur hydrographe de la Marine.’  His large output of charts of all parts of the world are well known for their high quality and attractive appearance.  This map was issued in a huge composite atlas, Hydrographie Francoise, published by the Depot General de la Marine from 1737 thought 1794, and intended for use by the French Navy.  The map was also sold as a separate sheet, as evidenced by the price of “trente sols” printed in the bottom margin, but in either form is very rare.  The detail is impressive, and the scope and original color make this map as striking as it is historically significant.