Senex A New Map of Asia 1721


John Senex.  “A New Map of Asia From the latest Observations.”  From A New General Atlas.  London: J. Senex, 1721.  18 x 21 7/8.  Engraving.  Original outline color.  Full margins.  Very good condition.

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A nicely colored, antique map of Asia by John Senex, one of the leading English cartographers in the early part of the eighteenth century, a time when England was coming to the forefront of the world cartographic scene.  Senex was a popular and prolific mapmaker, and the quality of his work is evidenced by his appointment as Geographer to Queen Anne.  This is a very attractive map of Asia, combining the latest information available to Senex with the many misconceptions of the continent prevalent in Europe at the time.  Many rivers, towns, lake, roads, and other information is presented from the Urals to the East Indies.  An inset of “ye supposed N. Coast of Asia” is given in the lower left “to avoid too great a contraction of the scale.”  The map is most confused in the seas to the north of Japan.  The “Land of Iess” and “Company’s Land” are shown as indistinct and large land masses, and north of them is an open “Eastern Ocean.”  Decoratively, this map is quite appealing.  The neat, strong engraving is nicely complimented by the outline hand coloring.  Senex included a charming title cartouche, which shows two figures in Asian dress, along with flora and fauna of the continent.