Set of twelve Sporting Prints by A.B. Frost


A.B. Frost.  12 hunting prints.  From Shooting Pictures.  New York:  Charles Scribner & Sons, 1895.  Ca. 13 x 20.  Chromolithographs by Armstrong & Co, Boston.  Prints dismounted from but with original backing sheets.  With original set and fascicle covers and text.  Very good condition.  Bennett: American Color Plate Books, 44.


Arthur Burdett (A.B) Frost is the most loved member of the school of American sporting artists that appeared towards the end of the nineteenth century.  He is well known for the numerous drawing which appeared in books and illustrated newspapers, such as Harper’s Weekly, but Frost’s most desirable and rare prints are the twelve chromolithographs from the portfolio entitled Shooting Pictures.  The original subscription was limited to 2500 copies, but due to its size and cumbersomeness, many of the portfolios were broken up, the prints often being framed for display.  These are wonderful examples of American sporting prints from the end of the nineteenth century.