Stanford’s map of the United States 1875


“Stanford’s Map of the United States and Part of Dominion of Canada.”  London: Edward Stanford, 1875.  Separately issued map, dissected into 40 sections and mounted on linen.  35 x 58.  Lithograph.  Original hand color.  Some light stains, but overall in very good condition.

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A wonderful British map of the United States on the eve of the country’s Centennial.  This separately issued, folding map was published by Edward Stanford, a prominent British map publisher in the second half of the nineteenth century.  He is particularly known for his case maps, where large and detailed images were dissected into sections and mounted on linen so they could be folded.  The Stanford cartographic firm is still in existence today.  This is a fine example of his map of the United States—which went through a number of editions as Stanford continued to update and reissue the map.

The map shows a configuration of internal borders similar to today’s, though the Dakota Territory had not yet been broken in two.  Interestingly, the then territories are all identified as such, other than Colorado, which became a state just the next year.  This would seem to indicate that Stanford was aware that the “Centennial State” would soon be created as such.  The map includes an impressive amount of the existing railroads, shown in red, which criss-cross the entire east, but are shown in their considerable expansion in the west, including some of the smaller railroads such as those in Colorado.  Also prominently featured is the topography of the west, with the mountains and rivers graphically displayed.  This map provides an impressive picture of the country produced with the highest quality.