Summit of Pikes Peak


“Summit of Pike’s Peak.”  From Rocky Mountain Views on the Rio Grande, “Scenic Line of the World”.  Denver: Engraved, Printed and Published by The Smith-Brooks Printing Company. 1917.  Relief half-tones after photograph. 6 x 19.  Very good condition.


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The natural and man-made beauty adorning the track-sides of the Rio Grande railroad was the subject of countless publications in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many views were generated and distributed by the railroad itself in promotion, but the marvelous scenes became popular through the efforts of many other artists and publishers as well.  A nice example is the Rio Grande Railroad’s Rocky Mountain Views on the Rio Grande, “Scenic Line of the World.”  The images from this small volume, consisting of 24 in all, were intended for sale only on the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. As this was intended primarily as a tourist publication, it is both enticing and informative. While many would have been produced, it is unlikely that a large number survive.