The Dying Soldier


H.P. Simmons. “The Dying Soldier.” New York: Thomas Kelly, 1870. Engraving by A. Turrell. 22 1/2 x 17 3/8. Good margins and very good condition.

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A beautifully engraved, sentimental print issued shortly after the Civil War by historical print publisher Thomas Kelly. The impact of the war lasted well after the surrender at Appomattox, especially for those families who had lost a husband/father. In Victorian America mourning pictures were standard and this lovely image captures the sentiment that was expressed by these images. A dying soldier lies in the foreground, with a broken cannon nearby, while in the background is seen artillery firing across a battleground littered with other dead and dying troops. The main figure, whose cap is crowned with a cross, does not appear in great discomfort, lying by a clear stream and surrounded by bushes in bloom, with a few white flowers ornamenting his resting spot. He gazes on a small portrait of his family, which he wear on a chain around his neck, while in the clouds above is engraved a pictured of his family. The wife appears to sense her loved one’s impending death, with one child reaching out to comfort his mother and an infant at her breast. In the background of this scene is a portrait of the soldier, proudly displayed on the wall. This print itself would later have been proudly, though sadly displayed in the homes of many grieving families.