Tuscan Column


“Architecture.  The Tuscan Order from the Church in Covent Garden.” Plate XIV from Dobson’s Encyclopedia.  Philadelphia: Thomas Dobson, 1798-1803.  9 1/4 x 7 1/2.  Copper engraving by C. Tiebout.  Very good condition.


An original antique architecture print, prepared for the most ambitious publishing project in America up to the year 1798, Dobson’s Encyclopedia.  A great, illustrated encyclopedia was the pride of any country in the eighteenth century, and the new United States of America was no exception in its desire to produce an aid for the promotion of knowledge.  The best paper makers, printers and engravers were enlisted to work on the project published by Thomas Dobson in Philadelphia, and the first American encyclopedia.  Even though it was mostly plagiarized from the already established Encyclopedia Britannica, it was still a monumental accomplishment for American book arts and provided nationalistic slants to material pertaining to America.