U.S. Squadron under Com. Bainbridge


J.B. Fanning. “United States Squadron under Com. Bainbridge returning triumphant from the Mediterranean.” From The Naval Monument. Boston: A. Bowen, 1816. Ca. 4 x 7 3/4. Hand colored. Very good condition.

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The most stirring and, for the United States, successful action during the War of 1812 were fought by the young U.S. Navy. With glorious victories on Lake Champlain, Lake Erie and on the high seas, the captains and ships of the U.S. Navy were the greatest heroes to come out of this war. The demand by the military and the public for information and illustrations of these battles and figures was satisfied by the publication, in 1816–shortly after the war ended–of The Naval Monument. This included descriptions of the naval battles fought during the war, along with twenty five illustrations of those battles. These are some of the best contemporary images of these battles and this combined with the scarcity of these prints makes them most desirable.