Uniforms of American colonial soldiers


“Portrait & Uniform of An American General” and “A Real representation of the Dress of An American Rifle-Man.” From Barnard’s New Complete and Authentic History of England. London: Edward Barnard, 1781-83. Engraving by Roberts. On sheet 14 1/2 x 9. Trimmed within decorative border at top. Else, very good condition.

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From a series of contemporary prints of the American Revolution from Edward Barnard’s History of England. This delightful history was described on one of the prints as “A Work Universally Acknowledged to be the Best Performance of the Kind,-on account of It’s Impartiality, Accuracy, New Improvements, Superior Elegance, &c.” It was issued at the end of the eighteenth century in response to the growing demand for works on all subjects by a newly educated reading public in England. The history was full of prints on all aspects of English history, including this image of the the American Revolution.