Vander Maelen Colorado & region 1827


Philippe Vander Maelen.  “Am. Sep. 48.  Parties des Etats-Unis et du Nouveau Mexique.”  From Atlas Universel. Brussels: P. Vander Maelen, 1827.  18 1/4 x 20.  Lithograph by H. Ode.  Original outline hand coloring.  Very good condition.

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A well executed and very detailed map showing most of today’s Colorado, with surrounding regions.  This map is from Vander Maelen’s monumental atlas of 1827, the Atlas Universel.  This atlas was one of the most remarkable world atlases ever produced, anticipating the International Map of the World and showing for the first time the entire land mass of the world on a uniform scale.  This atlas was also the first to be made totally with lithography, each map precisely drawn by H. Ode.  This map shows most of Colorado, as well as the northern-most part of Texas, and the Oklahoma panhandle.  Rivers are extensively mapped, with the Arkansas River drawn cutting across the middle of the map, and indicated as the border between the U.S. and Mexico.  Topography is also well drawn, though mostly in the southwestern part of the map.  A series of notes are placed throughout on geographic features and early explorations, and Indian tribes are also mentioned.  An interesting map of a scale well before its time.