Vander Maelen Columbia River 1827


P. Vander Maelen.”Partie des Etats Unis.” #38. From Atlas Universel. Brussels: P. Vander Maelen, 1827. Ca. 18 1/2 x 22 1/2. Lithograph by H. Ode. Original outline coloring. Very good condition.

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A map by Vander Maelen of the mouth of the Columbia River. This finely executed and highly detailed map is from Vander Maelen’s monumental atlas of 1827, the Atlas Universel. This was one of the most remarkable world atlases ever produced, anticipating the International Map of the World and showing for the first time the entire land mass of the world on a uniform scale. This atlas was also the first to be made totally with lithography, each map precisely drawn on stone by H. Ode. The maps are blocked out in uniform rectangles, and they include an impressive amount of accurate detail. These maps have as detailed and accurate interior information of the region as was available at the time. Vander Maelen’s maps are of considerable historical note, and they have their own aesthetic interest.