Vanity Fair Arthur Pinero with G.B. Shaw


“Though it is an arguable point whether he be, as it was once reputed, the most intellectual, he remains, beyond dispute, the dressiest, of contemporary British dramatists.” Arthur Wing Pinero. By Bulbo. From Vanity Fair February 1, 1906. Chromolithograph.  With manuscript in ink at bottom.  Very good condition.  [George Bernard Shaw in background]


An original antique print from Vanity Fair.  From 1868 until February 5, 1914, Vanity Fair, a weekly magazine of social, literary and political content, was published to the delight of Victorian and later, Edwardian England. Most popular of its features were the wonderful full page caricatures of famous men and women of the day, prints that remain Vanity Fair‘s great legacy. The two most famous artists who worked for Vanity Fair were “Ape” (Carlo Pellegrini) and “Spy” (Leslie Ward), but many other artists provided images for this long running series of delightful caricatures.