View of castle at Acapulco


C.V. Cooper.  “Castle at Acapulco.'”  From John M. Letts’ Pictorial View of California: including a Description of the Panama and Nicaragua Routes, with Information and Advice Interesting to All, Particularly Those Who Intend to Visit the Golden Region.  By a Returned Californian.  New York: Henry Bill, 1853.  Tinted lithograph by J. Cameron.  4 3/4 x 7 1/2.  Very good condition.

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An contemporary, original antique view from an 1849 voyage by John M. Lett, heading to California from the east coast during the California Gold Rush.  Upon his return, Lett wrote and published his A Pictorial View of California, which claimed to have “Information and Advice Interesting To All, Particularly Those Who Intend To Visit The Golden Region.”  The artist, George V. Cooper, was a painter, cameo cutter and sculptor who went to California with Letts, making sketches of many of the major sites.  These prints provided some of the earliest accurate, first-hand images that those on the East Coast would have had of California and the route there during the Gold Rush, and they wonderfully capture this brief yet seminal moment in American history.  The lithographs were drawn on stone by J. Cameron, better known for his work with Currier & Ives, and Brown & Severin.  Given their immediacy and accuracy these are historical artifacts of some note.