View on Niagara River below Lewiston


Amos W. Sangster.  “Below Lewiston.  American Shore.”  From In Niagara River and Falls From Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.  A Series Of One Hundred and Fifty-three Original Etchings Etched On Copper By Amos W. Sangster From His Own Drawings.  Buffalo: Tho. T. Fryer, 1886-1889.  Etching by A.S. Sangster.  8 x 12 3/4.  Signed in pencil.  Paper toned outside old mat window.  Else, very good condition.


Amos Sangster was the most prolific and successful artist of the Niagara region in the latter part of the nineteenth century.  He was born in Kingston, Ontario, but moved as a child to Buffalo.  In the 1880s he began an ambitious project to document the entire Niagara River in a series of original etchings.  When completed between 1886 and 1889, the portfolio consisted of 50 folio, each of which was signed in pencil by Sangster, and 103 vignette etchings.  The portfolio was dedicated to Amos Sangster’s friend Grover Cleveland, then President of the United States, who was a collector of his work.  The variety of the prints is impressive and they form an accurate yet lovely series of images of the Niagara River and Falls.  This image shows the American shore on the lower river, below the town of Lewiston.