Vintage War Bond poster: Doing All You Can Brother? (small)


Robert Sloan. “Doing All You Can, Brother? – Buy War Bonds.” 1943. 28 x 22.  Color photo-offset.  Very good condition.

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A classic U.S. Government Printing Office poster for World War II.  The government produced many dramatic posters to boost morale, encourage enlistment, sell war bonds and generally increase public support for the war effort.  These were printed in Washington, folded and sent out around the country.

This image shows the head and shoulders of an Army lieutenant with bloody bandaged head; stormy desolate battlefield in background.  The image was drawn by Robert Smullyan Sloan (1915-2013).   Sloan studied art and art history, becoming a WPA artist during the great depression.  He turned to commercial illustration, providing images for American magazines such as Time and Collier’s.  Near the beginning of the war, Sloan was commissioned to do this poster to help sell war bonds, for which he received a Citation for Distinguished Service.  This poster was issued in two sizes, of which this is the smaller.