Wanamaker “Map of North & South Dakota.” 1894


“Map of North & South Dakota.” From Wanamaker Family Atlas of the World. Philadelphia: J. Wanamaker, 1894. Cerograph. 14 x 11 1/2. Very good condition.

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S. Augustus Mitchell started issuing atlases and maps in Philadelphia about 1831 and his firm became one of the most important in the country for much of the following century. He was followed by his son, S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., who in 1860 began to issue his important New General Atlas, which he published for the next two decades. The atlas was taken over by other publishers in the following years, with regularly updated maps, to as late as 1894. This map came from an atlas published by John Wanamaker using Mitchell’s maps. The map shows the states of North and South Dakota just five years after they were admitted as states. Up to 1889, there was but a single Dakota Territory, but it was split into the two states of more manageable size. So neither could claim priority, the documents creating the states were signed so that no one could tell which was signed first. Detail is impressive, showing rivers, counties, towns, railroads and forts throughout.