Warner & Beers Four Corners 1874


“County Map of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.” From Illustrated Historical Atlas of Grundy County Illinois. Chicago: Warner & Beers, 1874. Lithograph. Original hand color. 16 x 14. Very good condition.

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A rare map from Warner & Beer’s atlas of Grundy County, Il. This atlas included maps of other Illinois counties as well as the maps from H.H. Lloyd & Co.’s Atlas of the United States (from which this map originally comes). This map is unusual in showing the four territories surrounding four corners. Colorado would become a state just the following year, but the other three would be decades later (Utah in 1896 and Arizona & New Mexico in 1912). Detail in the maps is quite impressive, including early trails and passes throughout, along with surprisingly good topography. In Colorado, the most developed territory, the railroads are shown with some prominence. Attention is paid to forts, towns, and locations of Indian tribes. An excellent map of the region.