Welsh Washer Women


W. H. Pyne. “Welsh Peasant Washers.” From The Costume of Great Britain.  London: William Miller, 1808.  9 x 13.  Aquatint.  Original hand coloring.  Overall very good condition.  Text included.

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A fine hand-colored aquatint of Welsh washer women.  Drawn and engraved by W. H. Pyne for his portfolio of prints on the various ‘costumes’ of Great Britain, i.e. the dress of the different trades and occupations in England, Scotland and Ireland at the time of publication in 1808.  As part of a series of fine British colorplate works issued in the early nineteenth century, these prints show the characteristic accuracy of detail and richness of engraving and coloring for which these works are well known.  The text issued with the prints is also of great interest, adding insight into the occupations so attractively depicted.  This print wonderfully presents a small slice of nineteenth century Britain, and a realistic and colorful look at this early fair ride.