Wilhelm’s Cherries 1834


[Cherries.]  Plate 54 from Gottlieb Tobias Wilhelm’s Unterhaltungen aus der Naturgeschichte.  Augsburg: Schlosser, 1834.  “New Edition.”  5 3/4 x 3 1/2.  Engraving.  Original color.  Very good condition.

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Gottlieb Tobias Wilhelm was the son of Augsburg engraver and publisher Christian A. Wilhelm.  He went on to become a clergyman, but developed also an intense interest in nature and a desire to educate the public about its different aspects.  Beginning in 1792, he produced in weekly installments a work entitled Unterhaltungen aus der Naturgeschichte, that is ‘Discourse on Natural History.”  This included not only text, but lovely hand colored engravings of various flora and fauna.  The work was continued past Wilhelm’s death in a “New Edition,” from which these prints came.  They are delicately engraved and beautifully hand colored, prime examples of the interest in the natural world in the early nineteenth century.