William Sharp “Beurre D’Anjou.”


William Sharp “Beurre D’Anjou.” From The Fruits of America. Boston: C. C. Little & Jas. Brown, and Hovey & Co., 1856. Image ca. 8 x 6. Chromolithograph by W. Sharp & Sons. Full margins.  Very good condition.

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An original antique print, this is an early example of American chromolithography.  This attractive and carefully executed print was drawn and lithographed by the well-known Boston lithographer, William Sharp. Sharp was a pioneer in the development of color lithography, with the chromolithographed illustrations for The Fruits of America standing as the very first production of their kind to appear in Boston. Thus these prints come to us not only as lovely decorative pieces, but also as a significant part of the history of printmaking in America.