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If you have a question, we would be delighted to be of assistance where we can. We are very interested in helping to spread knowledge about antique prints and maps and have tried to include useful information for those with questions in this field. Please note, however, that we are a business with a small staff and there are limits, both practical and professional, as to the assistance we can offer.

If you have questions about prints, maps or related books, please try to follow the links below to see in what manner we will be able to help. This will save both you and us time and will make the whole process more efficient. We will try to answer all queries sent to us, but it may take some time before we can respond, so please be patient.

If none of the links below fit your situation, you can contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. However, please do look over the links below first, for these might answer your question and save us both time.

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