How do you ship antique prints and maps?

We have been shipping maps and prints safely for over 30 years, allowing clients from around the world to acquire the wonderful items we have for sale.  Our primary concern in shipping our inventory is the safety of the objects, with a secondary—but important—consideration being the cost of shipping.  We ship either in a flat package or in a tube, depending on whether the map/print is large, flexible, or already matted or framed.

What do you charge for shipping?

We charge clients only our cost for shipping, which includes the postage cost, insurance fees and a small amount for materials used in packing.  We do not add any service fee.

What options are there for shipping?

We generally use either the USPS or UPS, though we are happy to use whatever method a client prefers.  We generally can get a package off within one day and use ground shipping.  However, we are happy to send packages using expedited services, though the fees are increased.  We encourage clients to contact us with their shipping preferences or to ask about options.

Do you ship framed items?

We do ship framed items, taking particular care to protect the item and the frame/glass. This is, naturally, more expensive so we always offer a client the option of ordering a framed map or print without the frame.  Note that we do not increase the price of our inventory for the frames, so there is no discount to remove a framed item, though the cost of shipping will be less.

Are the prints and maps shipped with mats?

In general, our non-framed inventory is stored either in acid-free mats or mylar.  The mats are for display purposes and generally we do not recommend using these mats for framing.  If a print or map is not already matted, we do not add a mat before shipping, though for a small extra charge we can add a mat to any print or mat order.

Are all shipments insured?

Yes.  We ship all items fully insured for the purchase price.  We do pass on any extra costs for this service to the client, but except for expensive items this extra cost is minimal.

Do you ship to all parts of the world?

Yes, but each country has its own rules for fees and customs, so overseas customers should contact us about the options and costs involved.

Return policy

Any item ordered over the phone or through the internet can be returned for any reason for a full refund of the purchase price, as long as it is returned within 10 days and in the condition it was received.